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One Thirteen Luxury Home Decor is a reputable trader of premium-grade luxury furniture. The company commenced services in 2007 and has been prevailing since. As a marketer of voluminous brands, trust is never a concern for us. This distributor sells the best collections sourced from the nation’s top furniture designers. Some of which includes flawless editions from Alex Harvie, Beatriz Ball, CK and Kennedy, NDI Floral, Bolier and Company, etc. As a distributor of such impeccable products, we aim to satisfy all your luxury furniture needs. When looking for deluxe styles, designs and colors to embrace your personal taste for luxury trust us to equate these values immeasurably. Today’s marketplace is competitive, given that many distributors are servicing the arena. The disadvantage is that several of the products lack authenticity. One Thirteen Luxury Home Decor is one of the credible few out there that extends, affordable, authentic brands to the buyers of their products. We give assurance that all the items exhibited are the essence of delicate craftsmanship and expertise in every detail. By trusting this first-class luxury furniture trader to supply your home with high-quality furnishings; your future and current benefits are certain. One Thirteen Luxury Home Decor renders some well-designed accessories and furnishings, refined with every feature, unequaled in quality. These are exceptional selections to decorate the interior and exterior realms, promoting a well-appointed theme that astounds guests and occupants heartrendingly. Unlike other suppliers that limit benefits to the item price, we endorse complete collections, featuring exquisite designs that are fairly similar to the expensive ones. One Thirteen Luxury Home Decor offers incomparable solutions. These match well with the different areas of the home including bathroom, kitchen, balcony, living room, etc. We also offer free shipping to customers, and this is on all orders. We know the value of art especially in home decorating and extend the services of experts to recommend exclusive solutions. Weekly, customers get up to 70% off the regular price for these valuable investments and the lifelong benefits are incredible. An exceptional benefit of shopping with us is that we furnish newer furniture designs, allowing customers to have access to several options, instead of the limitations. Additionally, shopping via the e-store is convenient, making it hassle free to scroll through different furniture collections, speculating the best designs to include in your home-development plan. Achieving sophistication is not difficult, because all the furniture designs we promote feature exclusive styles only.

One Thirteen
113 north oak street
Hammond, LA 70401

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