Meet Pierre Wardini, president of Models Inc a model and talent agency located in Beirut, Lebanon

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Meet Pierre Wardini, president of Models Inc a model and talent agency located in Beirut, Lebanon.

Tell us what readers should know about your agency.

We are an exclusive agency that focuses on the faces we represent. We specialize in fashion and catalog print, but also have on-camera and product print. We are also a placement agency, so we work with the top agencies all over the world so that models can make careers in this industry.


How did you decide to open Models Inc.? And where did the name come from? 

As a businessman already in established in Paris I always felt that my passion was not there. There was something missing. However my mother who is a former model herself has a great influence on my career path in the future and enlightened my way. I discovered fashion and combined it with my business sense and decided in 1991 to open Models Inc. by the way the name was chosen because its simple, straight to the point and says what it means.


What do you like best about your job Mr. Wardini? 

I love seeing my models start their development and turn into butterflies as they progress.


What do you like least? 

Sometimes it is really hard to work with a product that has emotions [our models]. This is a very stressful industry and there is always a lot of emotions!


What is the “Models Inc.” look? And how is it different (or not) than agencies in the region?

Here at Models Inc. we really try to focus on the models that are well rounded. Our faces tend to be ones that can do fashion, but also swing into the catalog/commercial market. Most of all they all stay humble and thankful with the clients.


Do female models have to be a certain height? 

For the most part, yes, the girls that get booked for the bigger jobs are 175cm-180 cm”. We do have a couple that are 170cm that have strong enough looks and get the work.


Does a model have to live in Lebanon to be represented by you? Not always, we do have models that live in the neighboring or European countries, but those models do still need to come to castings when requested.


Where do you find your models?

All over! We are always scouting faces at all types of events and locations. We have five scouts, plus our staff. We make a team game of who can find the next amazing face.


When a girl comes to see you Mr. Wardini, how should she dress, wear her hair, make-up…And what should she be prepared for at the agency visit? We usually like girls to come in fitted, skinny jeans and a tank with heels. Clean face and clean hair. No Jewelry. We also suggest that she bring a 2–piece swimsuit.


What should parents be aware of when their son or daughter says, “I want to be a model!”  Many young girls have the dream to be a model and many parents are hesitant. I always tell the parents and their daughter that the models that actually work in the big markets, the ones they see in the magazines, on billboards and in store ads, are like Olympic athletes. If she is really serious about being a model, she must prepare like an athlete and understand that the focus and drive must be there to go up against her competition. If parents were to look at having their daughter reach the goal of being in the Olympics, they would need to look at her career as a model the exact same way. She’ll need all of the support she can get.


Let’s get personal Mr. Wardini:

Favorite beverage? Oh so many! But I think I would have to go with an Iced Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks.

Most overused word or phrase? “Do you understand what I am saying?”

What music is on your iPod? Lots of Liquid Lounge styles and Fayrouz

Character trait you love in others and Yourself? Confidence and Creativity.

Character trait you deplore? Self-centeredness

Three words that describe you: Attentive, Determined, Relatable


What else would you like readers to know about Models Inc. or Pierre Wardini?

We are pretty relaxed and fun at the office. Don’t think of us as intimidating cause if we sign you, we are like family. You become a part of the Models Inc. family!


Thank you Mr. Wardini for this lovely interview!

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